About us

Csomall is the reputed professional manufacturer of high quality handmade jewelry, rapidly risen from recent years (2015-2022).

Along with attention to detail, Csomall creates each and every Csomall Jewelry piece by hand. Most pieces are made to order as a collaboration between artist and customer. We love working directly with customers to create one of a kind pieces that they will cherish for a lifetime.

In our custom word necklace designs we combine our love of inspiration and attention to detail, using precision pliers to turn wire into words that evoke a special feeling of inspiration or a special memory for our customers. In ourcolorful gemstone line we combine our own playful whimsical nature with our love of bright colors to emphasize the beauty of a woman's neckline, earlobes and wrists.

We devoted ourselves to the wide range of High-end handmade jewelry
Based on advanced technologies and the aim of satisfactory services, Csomall has always been constantly improving in performance of the products.
We are confident that our product will be good as name brand.