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🚿 Perfect Your Shower! 🚿

Ever wanted to listen to music in the shower without risking your phone? How about watching your favorite movies or shows? The waterproof case that allows you to use your phone in the shower while keeping it shielded & out of harm's way!



Waterproof and anti-fog, sensitive touch screen.


Name: Bathroom Waterproof Phone Case

Material: ABS+PET

Product size: about 28 x19 x 105mm/1.1*0.75*4.13in

Applicable mobile phones: less than 6.8 inches

Product weight: about 140g

Color: white/blue

Installation method: non-marking sticker and hole-free wall hanging

Application: travel, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room

✅ 100% water/splash proof

✅ Watch your favorite shows, sports, etc.

✅ Enjoy & switch songs at ease

✅ Facetime/calls in the shower

✅ Fit fot Wood wall/glass wall/tile wall etc.



  • Color: white/blue
  • Case Size: 1.0 x 7.5 x 4.2 inches
  • Installation: sticky adhesive on wall

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