DIY Digging Kit To Dig Out The Crystal Gems Archeological Fossils Toys

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Product description:

Name: Crystal Mining

Material: Plaster

Weight: about 0.6kg

Packing size: 17×21.5×5.5cm

Crowd: children over 6 years old, archaeological enthusiasts, collectors

Purpose: children's toys/amateur collection/gift/scene decoration/play and watch

Item list: soil block, magnifying glass, wooden hammer, chisel, brush, cloth bag, manual


Archaeological advice:

1. Before digging, please prepare a piece of paper under the plaster block to prevent the plaster powder from being scattered around during the digging process. Then gently dig the plaster surface with a bamboo stick, and then start digging.

2. During the excavation, please be careful and experience the fun of archaeological excavation. When excavating bone fossils, please use a brush to clean the powder on the surface of the stone, and then clean, dry and dry the excavated bones

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