Green Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

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What is it?

A perfect powerful duo of roller and gua sha that will provide massage on deep skin levels as a result of improving skin tone & texture.

Benefits of use:

* Lifts, firms and tightens skin
* Increases skin elasticity
* Reduces dark circles under the eyes
* Boosts collagen production
* Improves blood circulation
* Reduced pores
* Helps fighting wrinkles
* De-puffs and cools the skin
* Promotes radiant glowing skin
* Reduces acne scars
* Contours

How to use roller:

Use roller every day AM & PM after applying face cream or serum. Start with the neck and move upwards and outwards. Repeat 3-5 times in each area.

Tips: place the roller in the refrigerator and use chilled to reduce pores and de-puff under eye area

How to use gua sha:

On clean skin apply a few drops of facial oil. Start massage from neck gliding tool upwards. Continue to jawline applying medium strength.
Move to the cheeks and work outwards from nose to ear. Work on the forehead in upwards motion. Finish by massaging neck downwards to normalize blood circulation

Tips: a warm tool in your hands for a minute before use to provide better blood circulation

About Green Jade stone:

Jade crystal is famous as a stone of eternal youth. It is a stone of serenity and purity. Jade brings harmony, balances energy, and protects the owner from harm. In China, it is believed that stone symbolizes virtues of humanity such as wisdom, kindness, and courage. Green Jade will invite good fortune to its owner

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